Montem Resources is a growing steelmaking coal and renewable energy development company

About us

Montem Resources is a steelmaking coal and renewable energy development company with assets in the Crowsnest Pass, Alberta, Canada. Our three main projects are the Tent Mountain Mine, the Chinook Project and the Tent Mountain Renewable Energy Complex (TM-REX).

Our team is predominantly made up of Canadian and Australian coal miners, with a history of successfully building and managing coal mines. The TM-REX Steering Committee, which aims to execute the strategy to drive development of the TM-REX, is made of experienced Canadian power industry executives and consultants. Our operations are centered in our community-based office in Coleman, Alberta. We also have a small office in Calgary, Alberta and our corporate address is in Melbourne, Australia.


Montem’s Board of Directors guide our senior team of technical and management specialists, who have extensive experience in coal mining in Canada and Australia and the Canadian power industry.

Our mission: We will safely develop and operate profitable steelmaking coal mines.

Our Steelmaking Coal Projects in the Crowsnest Pass

Our Values


We believe in doing business the honest way. We view each of our partnerships as mutually beneficial and long-term business relationships, and thus are transparent in our dealings.


We understand the critical importance of working together to achieve a common goal. We view teamwork as the foundation upon which success is built.


We treat others with both dignity and respect, regardless of their circumstances, situation or background. We strongly believe that everyone has the ability to bring something to the table and make a positive contribution.


We understand the importance of being able to meet the needs of today’s society, whilst securing the needs of future generations. Thus, in all our actions and decisions we are committed to minimizing our environmental footprint and optimizing community engagement.


Without a focus on results, the purpose and mission that brings meaning to our work are at risk. Setting measurable goals and focusing on results provides the feedback required to achieve and measure success.
Montem remains focused on results that drive profits.