Connecting and engaging with our community

Our objective is to become a respected operator of steelmaking coal mines and renewable energy projects in the Crowsnest Pass, AB. We cannot achieve this goal without connecting with and respecting our stakeholders and local communities to develop mutually beneficial relationships. We need to understand their concerns and values and take into consideration the impacts of our operations on all of our stakeholders and local communities.

As we work to develop our projects at Tent Mountain, the team at Montem will be out in the community talking about the projects and seeking feedback.

Montem marquee at the community market.
Montem marquee at the community market

Community engagement

Our Community Engagement Centre, located on 17th Street in Coleman, is where our Community Liaison Team is based. Our Community Liaison Team is available by appointment to answer questions as well as provide factsheets, newsletters and information about our projects and our company.

As well as engaging with our community, we are committed to being a good corporate citizen. Our aim is to foster sustainable growth in the areas in which we operate, providing job and business opportunities.

Our Tent Mountain Mine plan indicates re-starting operations will create approximately 200 temporary jobs during the construction phase, with an additional approximately 190 full-time jobs created, across a range of skill sets, during the 14 year mine life. The PHES element of the TM-REX will create approximately 200 construction jobs over a 2-year period, and a further approximately 30 full time operational jobs over a 50+ year project life. We are committed to employing local people where possible.

We are also committed to working collaboratively and constructively with Indigenous Peoples that may be affected by Montem’s projects.